Transforming Instruction and the Student Experience
Transforming Teams and Project Outcomes

Instructional Equity Audits

We help you perform instructional equity audits using our EFA walkthrough tool. We also analyze current curricula and data to understand how the school is servicing marginalized populations.

Culturally-Responsive Inquiry-Based Curriculum Development

We support Inquiry-based curriculum development. We help you put in place a unique student-centered culturally rich unit design.

Professional Learning For Inquiry-based Instruction

We provide professional learning around inquiry learning and its various forms, including project-based learning, with a particular focus on supporting academically marginalized students. 

Middle School STEM Partnerships

We help redesign how your students experience STEM altogether through a combination of STEM programming and Inquiry-based learning. We design unique programs for in and out of the school day that target STEM and Entrepreneurship, STEM and Writing, STEM and Social Justice

OST STEM Program Design

We support leaders design and launch  Out-of-School culturally responsive STEM programs. We are available to directly implement programs by request.

Strategizing For Change In Schools and Nonprofits

We help you design and launch initiatives to maximize impact. We help you course correct when implementation challenges occur. We support adult learning and effective team performance.

Professional Learning Support For Schools

We help you improve the adult learning structures and the quality of professional learning  in your building.

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Our Process

    Contact Us:
    Complete the Contact Form or email
    Schedule a Discovery Call:
    District, School, or organization provides their problem of practice and provides context
    Define the project scope:
    To understand your unique context and thus provide customizable services, we spend time reading through relevant documents, and conducting preliminary research to properly scope the project. We’ll send you a scope of work for your approval.
  • 4 - DESIGN
    Let us work to Design, Strategize and Provide Learning:
    We build out our engagement with your team to reach the project's goals with a comprehensive project plan.
  • 5 - EVALUATE
    Feedback loops and Assessment of Services:
    We will schedule regular meeting times and feedback loops at your convenience to receive feedback on our services and to provide necessary updates. We will provide an opportunity for you to evaluate your satisfaction with our services.
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