Who We Are

Our mission at Attest Education is to ensure that learning truly comes alive for children both at home and in school. We achieve this through a range of initiatives tailored to meet the needs of our diverse audience. Our efforts include conducting workshops for schools, parent groups, and organizations, providing workshop series specifically designed to empower teachers in implementing an inquiry-based model, and developing supplemental programs suitable for both in-school and out-of-school settings.

In addition to our workshop offerings, we craft valuable learning resources such as science and engineering notebooks, as well as children’s storybooks, which serve as practical tools for parents and teachers alike, enriching the learning experience.

Our audience encompasses parents, teachers, schools, and organizations committed to fostering dynamic and engaging educational environments.

Attest Education stands out as a premier school program design and consulting company, driven by our unwavering commitment to advancing equity and fostering academic excellence and innovation. We prioritize historically marginalized and academically underserved students, operating at the nexus of innovation, educational equity, social justice, and STEM education.

Our approach is deeply rooted in cultural responsiveness, community engagement, and prioritizing the needs of students, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally.

Our Story

The Excellence for All (EFA) method is a redesign and strategy model to engage schools in a transformative process that accelerates equity, addresses racialized systemic barriers, and uplifts academic excellence and innovation.

The EFA Method was piloted by Boston Public Schools from 2016 – 2019 in 13 schools and studied by New York University Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools.

Perry et al. (2020) findings indicate that EFA disrupted racialized systemic barriers, reduced academic achievement gaps, and positively shifted school culture, teacher perceptions of students’ academic abilities, and students’ self-perception of their own academic identities.

Additional evidence shows the program’s effectiveness and potential to transform learning and the student experience. In one instance, using the BPS Excellence for All model, Dr. Philippeaux crafted a summer virtual program to re-engage students who had been disengaged during the first round of virtual learning. The program, called Social Justice Academy (SJA), was hailed as incredibly successful. A parent wrote:

[My daughter] has historically been a slow learner and throughout her school experience has struggled to meet academic milestones at the speed of many of her peers…It was this backdrop that motivated me to enroll her in the Excellence for All Schools Without Walls Social Justice Academy offered by BPS this summer…The teachers, teaching assistants, and teen mentors were able to engage, in our case, mostly 9-year-olds, in sophisticated material while also making it fun and engaging. I would like to publicly thank the SJA team for a great program.

Boston schools in the pilot reported a reduced number of student transfers out of their schools. Principals articulated that families choose to remain in their school in lieu of transferring to other settings.

See what school leaders had to say about the impact of The EFA Method

Excerpt from Boston Public Schools Equity Roundtable on January 21, 2021

The EFA Method weaves together five instructional dimensions or pillars and one strategic dimension to transform learning. The instructional pillars articulate the student experiences needed for transformation. The strategy dimension, which is equally as important as the instructional pillars, specifies that there is a strategy and operational framework that must accompany instructional programmatic design that will lead to the development of scholarship. This includes using data in culturally responsive ways to inform decision-making, increasing leader capacity to engage in transformative work, and building teacher expertise in their content area and in inquiry-based culturally responsive pedagogy. 

Attest has developed four complimentary frameworks to propel transformative change:

  • The EFA STEM Framework, a way of transforming how students experience STEM from ad-hoc programming to a comprehensive system of learning
  • The EFA Scholarship Framework, a community-rooted personalized learning competency grading system
  • The EFA Professional Learning & Coaching Model, a student-centered data-informed model that is methodical in its approach to transforming professional learning, coaching and ultimately instruction
  • The EFA Strategy: a focus on team performance and goal attainment derived from best practices in research

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